Prevention as a modern way of management & Strategic planning

Θοδωρής Μουμτζίδης

Συνιδρυτής Zero Stray Pawject

Σταματίνα Σταματάκου

Διευθύντρια Zero Stray Academy
Θωμάς Αναστασιάδης

The goal of the Zero Stray Pawject is to intervene BEFORE an animal ends up on the street. It has been proven that simply managing stray animals cannot solve the issue of strays, nor can it even bring it under basic control; instead, it becomes increasingly uncontrollable over time. Methods of prevention from the municipality's perspective are examined, as well as ways to promote them in collaboration with all relevant parties, from the Greek and Municipal Police as enforcement mechanisms to local veterinarians and animal welfare organizations.

This lecture is conducted by the director of ZSA, Stamatina Stamatakou.

The Deputy Mayor of Katerini Municipality, Thomas Anastasiadis, presents his own actions in the municipality, fostering relevant interaction and discussion.

In the final part of the lesson, the co-founder of ZSP, Thodoris Moumtzidis, explains how to develop a strategic plan and how a municipality can create its own

The lesson includes: