The importance of neutering and DNA

Ειρήνη Ταπούτη


Μιχάλης Κατσιμπούλας

Σταματίνα Σταματάκου

Mihalis Katsimpoulas, DVM, SRS, PhD, as the Special Functional Scientist of the Institute of Medical and Biological Research of the Academy of Athens (IIBRA), Associate Professor of Experimental Surgery, and President & CEO of the Attikon Animal Hospital, explains the role and utility of DNA.

Prevention should always be the first choice, and this specific lesson explains in every way why neutering should be the first choice, both for strays and for owned animals.

The presentation is given by veterinarian Irini Tapouti.

The director of the Academy, Stamatina Stamatakou, explains the rationale behind the current law 4830/2021 regarding the choices of neutering or DNA.

The lesson includes: