Animal Abuse and the Preventative Role of Municipalities

Βαγγέλης Δρίβας

Αστυνομικός και ειδικός

This course aims to elucidate the importance of addressing animal abuse at a societal level and highlight its correlation with intrafamilial and interpersonal violence in general.

Delivered by law enforcement officer and clinical psychologist, Vangelis Drivas, the session will explore the multifaceted nature of animal abuse, its consequences, and its interconnectedness with broader social issues. Participants will gain insights into the psychological, social, and legal aspects of animal abuse and its implications for communities.

Furthermore, the course will emphasize the role of municipalities in preventing and addressing animal abuse, emphasizing the need for collaboration between law enforcement, social services, and other relevant stakeholders. By understanding the link between animal abuse and other forms of violence, participants will be better equipped to intervene effectively and create safer environments for both humans and animals.

Attendance from members of the municipality's social services is encouraged, as their involvement is crucial in implementing proactive measures to prevent animal abuse and mitigate its societal impact.

The lesson includes: