Management of Strays: Comprehensive Overview

Δημήτρης Γραμματικάκης

Έφη Ασλανίδου

Λάζαρος Καρανάσιος

This session provides a comprehensive overview of how municipalities manage stray animals, covering aspects such as capture, equipment, registration, feeding, herd management, etc. The presentation will be delivered by Efi Aslanidou, an educator and founder of Smart Paws Save A Stray, and owner of Smart Paws K9, who, along with her team, has successfully managed the issue of stray animals in Sparta over the past two years.

Dimitris Grammatikakis, a positive reinforcement trainer specializing in "aggressive" breeds and behaviors, will discuss capture techniques. Veterinarian Lazaros Karanasios will address the veterinary aspect of the capture process, focusing on both dogs and cats.

This session is intended for those involved in animal capture in municipalities and anyone interested in stray management in general.

The lesson includes: